Partner for your international development

2POINTS supports you from the market research to development and the implementation of your company in the world


2POINTS implements solutions adapted to your customers’ global or local challenges in an ever-evolving environments.

2POINTS gather a specialized team with strong and diverse range of profiles and know-how.

Our management’s professional experiences in field and countries fosters great integration of geographic skills and additional techniques as needed.

Your international development challenges

The provided opportunities offered by emergent countries come with risks of variable amplitude and nature. They are mainly generated by the difficulty to access a reliable data, the absence or non-compliance to regulations, the lack of culture knowledge, or a deteriorated security environment.


2POINTS is a global operator that assists you with your projects abroad in order to speed up their growth and guarantee their continuity, from the initial test phase of a particular market to the physical implementation of the business.

2POINTS assists you during the different phases of your project:

  • Market Research
  • Business Implementation and Development
  • Operations – Growth

How 2POINTS assist you during your international development?


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