Subcontractor of a forefront industrial group established in Mexico, the company X has opened a production site close to its customer, the geographic sector does not have minimal security conditions.

Moreover, in the framework of its implementation strategy in Mexico, the company X would like to study the possibilities for new prospects in other Latin American countries.

In this context, 2POINTS has been requested to provide support to the following sections:

Implementation of the production site in Mexico

  • Risk assessment of the implementation area for the production site with matching recommendations
  • Auditing industrial selected site
  • Assistance with local staff selection
  • Staff awareness to local risks
  • Drafting of security specifications
  • Security company screening, processes implementation and procedure application monitoring

Development in Latin America

  • Market research in the targeted countries: market assessment and skills, business plans strengthening…
  • Screening assistance and negotiation of potential local partners (due diligences…)
  • Creating a brand for a line of products specifically adapted to the market

The implementation of all these provisional measures has stimulated an undisturbed implementation of the company X and has allowed the local management to focus on the roadmap designed by the headquarters. The services delivered by 2POINTS by developing projects in other countries of the region have fostered the central management to withhold two projects that are currently being studied.