2POINTS is a global operator that assists you with your projects abroad in order to speed up their growth and guarantee their continuity, from the initial test phase of a particular market to the physical implementation of the business.

2POINTS assists you throughout the various stages of your project

  • Market research
  • Business implementation and development
  • Operations – Growth

Identification and optimization of business opportunities:

  • Market research
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing and Communication  Strategies Development, Brand positioning

Securing trade and contractual relations:

  • Ensure compatibility of ethical values within stakeholders group during negotiations and in the framework of the contracts’ execution: due diligences, reputation study
  • Implementation or restructuration of a contract management process fostering the profitability of a project: monitoring the progress of the project and related payments, customer relations quality assurance, respect of contractual obligations by the service providers, partners

Implementation of your projects globally:

  • Support to your team on project planning, structuration and organization,
  • Overall support for projects execution from the early start to the final completion both locally and globally,
  • Overall support for projects monitoring and controlling based on your organization requirements and local constraints.

Creation of a secured environment to realize your projects:

  • Advanced measures aiming to reduce exposure to security risks: expatriate and local staff training, selection and control of service providers, security risk evaluation, security audits of sites or residences
  • Protection of persons, infrastructures and information: implementation of protecting measures either directly or through partners