2POINTS supports you throughout the proposals and implementation stages of your projects with the aim to optimizing and securing your business and contractual environments.

Our experts managing the opportunities and risks linked to contractual undertakings will assist you to preserve and increase your margins.

Our services:

During the proposal stages and during negotiation with your clients:

  • Identify and anticipate potential opportunities as well as contractual risks, to support you during your negotiations and preparation at the early phases of future contract amendments

At the implementation phase of your projects

  • Implement and/or optimize the “contract manager” position within the project organization
  • Outline a contract strategy (proposal/claim) in conjunction with contractual analysis
  • Preselection of partners and local suppliers based on your requirements: track record, credentials, operational capabilities…
  • Selection of applicants to the “contract manager project” position
  • Consulting throughout the preparation of the contract amendments and guidance during the related negotiations