2POINTS relies on the know-how of its experts and its operational network to recommend and ensure the implementation of the necessary actions to reduce the exposure level of your security risks, and their action plan where required.

Our services:

Security Intelligence:

  • Weekly or monthly press review
  • Situation map or briefing note taking into consideration weak signals
  • Assessment and threats mapping in a geographic area and forecasting
  • Delivery of a traveler information briefing prior to traveling abroad
  • Providing assistance for expatriates (administrative, safety, communication)
  • Training HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) for expatriates, travelers and NGO workers
  • Training on information protection

Business Intelligence:

  • Country sheet: geopolitics
  • Stakeholders mapping, decoding networks/decision systems, influential personality assessment
  • Due diligence: fusion, acquisition, partnership

Risk Assessment:

  • Risk Assessment: Security assessment related to the development of activities abroad
  • Safety and Security Consulting and Auditing:  industrial infrastructures, residential
  • Cyber Security Audit

Protection of property and individuals:

  • Crisis Management: drafting plans and proceedings, staff training, procedures implementation
  • Private protective services in sensitive countries
  • Staff and goods tracking-GPS